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Here Enterprises either consume external IT products and/or generate internally numerous ’in-house’ IT solutions to fit their needs. We can represent on a continuum the different ways Enterprises use IT.

On one extremity of the continuum you find Enterprises who hire Consultants & buy external IT products which are typically:

  • error-free because fully-tested
  • no competitive advantage being publicly-available
  • more/less relevant being non-specific to the industry and/or the enterprise
  • inflexible, i.e. ‘made to force-fit-the-user’ not necessarily ‘made to work’

On the other extremity of the continuum you find Enterprises whose employees generate internally their own IT solutions mainly in the form of spreadsheets which are typically:

  • generated spontaneously by well-intended individuals
  • very flexible and customisable
  • with competitive advantage because not publicly available
  • error-prone with a practical ‘incompressible’ error-rate due to the cost of full-testing and inevitable human errors
  • issued from the limited and unchallenged personal knowledge of isolated individuals
  • no/limited ‘audit trail’ of the sources, assumptions and decisions associated with such products

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