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Now in the middle of this continuum you find a more balanced approach which, if well executed, accumulates the benefits of both extremes without their respective disadvantages.

Here Enterprises hire Knowledge Engineers who bring in their IT Platform which already has a ‘business-knowledge kernel’ around which a business-customized shell is developed internally with the employees. The result is an IT Solution which is:

  • generated from intended & coordinated planning, not ad hoc uncoordinated erratic reactions to issues
  • error-free because fully & systematically tested
  • with full competitive advantage being internally customised
  • rapidly deployable and exploitable because of its existing ‘business-knowledge kernel’
  • business-relevant because it is developed for the specific industry, specific enterprise and specific business issue
  • fully flexible: made to work and not made to force-fit-the-user
  • issued from the shared & challenged knowledge of a group where Knowledge Engineers play to role of ‘obstetricians’ who midwife and help extract the Enterprise’s existing knowledge
  • full audit trail of the Solution’s sources, assumptions and ensuing decisions

enValue follows the Approach of the Knowledge Engineers + IT Platform.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

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