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The Outside-in Approach is typified by IT Consultants and their IT Products which are:

Publicly-available Non-Specific IT Products to deal with Enterprise-specific Business Issues (See section 1 on top of Figure)

The Inside-out Approach is typified by Knowledge Engineers and their IT Platform which are:

Not-publicly-available Enterprise-specific IT Solutions to deal with their Enterprise-Specific Business Issues (See section 2 of Figure)

This is our Approach and it works as follows:

Our Knowledge Engineers help extract the Business Knowledge from the best experts of your Enterprise (See section 3 on left of Figure) Using our proprietary IT Platform (See 4), our Software Engineers transform the extracted Business Knowledge into an IT Solution which is specific to your Enterprise (See 5).


This is then embedded into your own IT Centre (See 6). The result is a ‘customized solution’ (not a generic product) engineered from your Enterprise’s best business knowledge (not generic knowledge) to resolve your specific business issues.

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