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Components and Overall Structure of the EVP™ Software Suite:

  • Starting at the lowest level of the EVP™ Software Suite, the user accesses the Business Unit (BU) level with its three modeling platforms:
    • Strategic Finance Modeling Platform
    • Business Management Modeling Platform
    • Business Modeling Platform
  • There the users can develop (in a group or individually) drivers models within each modeling platform. The Strategic Finance & Business Management models will be driven/influenced (c.f. upward arrows) by a Business Model which will be developed on the Business Modeling platform.


  • The models developed may vary by types of industries, but typically one finds here models like the following :
    On the Strategic Finance Modeling Platform
    • Capital Management Model
    • Cost-based Operations Model
    • Profitability Management Model
    On the Business Management Modeling Platform
    • Business Portfolio Management Model
    • Balance-sheet Management & Optimisation Model
    • Risk Management Model


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