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On a daily basis Enterprises of all sizes face very challenging business issues like :

  • Strategic optimization issues like balance-sheet optimization and leverage/risk optimization
  • Capacity Planning issues like how to “stay ahead of the curve” without ‘getting ahead of yourself’
  • Complex issues generated by multiple ‘plausible future scenarios’ and their impacts on our business
  • Resources-allocation issues at corporate, cluster and business unit levels; how not to be ‘politically-driven’ but ’business driven’
  • Corporate Governance issues requiring an ‘audit trail‘ of critical business decision-making
  • Dynamic Goal Setting issues like rolling forecasts and zero-based budgeting
  • Hard-to-Reconcile Coupling like short term-long term, risk-profit , profit/growth, ROE/Leverage And so on…

How do Enterprises deal with such business issues?

Besides relying on the invaluable expertise and knowledge of its work force, they rely on the different tools offered by modern Information Technology (IT).

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