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Our company

  • enValue AG is a Swiss Public Company, registered in 2001 in Zürich, Switzerland
  • Originally a spun off initiative from ABB, the Swiss engineering conglomerate
  • Original version of software was developed by ABB and then acquired by enValue AG
  • Auditors: Lienhard AG, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Advisors: Peter Greutert, Baden, Switzerland
  • Bankers: UBS, Baden, Switzerland

Our people

  • Our strength lies in the complementary expertise of our team comprising of top qualified professionals in software and knowledge engineering, modelling, dynamic simulation, extraction and formulation of business needs
  • We have created a strong synergy between the different fields of expertise like software engineering and merging software with wetware (i.e. operational knowledge of business people)
  • Our business experience serves as a strong foundation for our scientific approach
  • The full team is hands-on involved in service delivery

Our business model

  • To consistently warrant quality of a small boutique of selected specialists – “small is indeed beautiful”
  • We remain firm on our unique focus, always aware of what we do not want to do
  • We productise our intellectual property, ensuring sustainability with clients
  • We carefully select our clients to foster long term relationships with fewer clients thereby ensuring focus and thorough understanding of needs and quality service
  • Our business successes are witnessed through follow-on work and direct referrals from our clients

Our proposition

  • We develop a unique combination of structured thinking processes meshed with simulation technology
  • By partnering with executives and boards, we assist them in exploiting their enterprise’s performance potential
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